Let’s talk about Symbicort SMART


What to expect from Symbicort SMART.2

Symbicort SMART is a different approach. It means you use  Symbicort as your preventer and your reliever.

  • Symbicort replaces the other  inhalers  you’ve been using.
  • Symbicort SMART means you take Symbicort morning and night as a preventer and when you need it to relieve symptoms.
  • The reliever medication in Symbicort is fast acting – it takes 1-3 minutes to start opening your airways, like a blue reliever inhaler.
  • With Symbicort Turbuhaler you don’t need to use  a spacer.



 Symbicort SMART means you use Symbicort as BOTH your reliever and preventer.2


Symbicort starts opening your airways quickly, like a blue reliever inhaler.
So no separate reliever inhaler is needed.2

Use Symbicort morning and/or night AND when you feel asthma symptoms.

Symbicort comes in the innovative Turbuhaler. 

See how the Turbuhaler works to give you the full benefit of your medicine.   



No spacer is need. 

Because Turbuhaler is activated by your own breath, you do not need to use a spacer


A Dose Counter to show you how many doses you have left


Dose indicator: When you see the dose indicator 
turn red, it's time for a new Symbicort Turbuhaler.

Turbuhaler is easy to use, with four easy steps.


Unscrew and remove the cover. Hold the Turbuhaler upright and TWIST the grip.



Twist the grip back in the other direction until you hear a CLICK. Your Turbuhaler is now loaded with a dose of medicine. The dose is a tiny amount of fine powder.

Breathe out

BREATHE OUT as much as you feel comfortable. Do not blow into the Turbuhaler.

Breathe in

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and form a seal with your lips. BREATHE IN deeply.