Symbicort Turbuhaler is easy to use

Symbicort Turbuhaler is designed to be easy to hold and carry. It's also extremely easy to use.

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Using the Turbuhaler is easy

Unscrew and remove the protective cover. Hold the Turbuhaler upright and TWIST the grip.
Twist the grip back in the other direction until you hear a CLICK. Your Turbuhaler is now loaded with the dose.
Breathe out then place the mouthpiece in your mouth and form a seal with your lips. INHALE deeply.

Taking Symbicort SMART is SIMPLE

Your doctor will tell you how many inhalations to take; usually just one inhalation in the morning and at night, and one more when you have asthma symptoms.



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'Tips & hints'

  • When you are not using your Turbuhaler, keep the cover on.
  • Keep your Turbuhaler dry at all times, if it is dirty wipe it with a tissue.
  • Do NOT breathe out through the mouthpiece.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after taking your dose.
  • Each dose is very small so you may not taste or feel the medication as you inhale it.
  • When you see the dose indicator turn red, it’s time for a new Symbicort Turbuhaler.

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